Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right age to start?

The right age to start playing is when you decide you want to play golf.

Can anyone play golf?

Yes. Golf is a game for all, whatever your age, gender, fitness level or ability.

What should I wear to play golf?

Golf is about enjoying yourself. Come as you are and wear what you like as long as you feel comfy, warm and ready to do some exercise. Trainers are fine.

Do I need golf clubs to start playing?

Don’t worry, We provide equipment such as clubs and balls for you.

How can I register my kids for Children Classes or Junior Performance Plan?

If you are interested in having individual golf lessons for your kids, you should use our contact page or you can speak directly with the gestor at one of our 3 MCGP Golf Schools.

Can I get guidance on my physical fitness at MCGP?

At the MCGP we have some of Europe’s best professionals. Our professionals will provide guidance to help you.

Will I really improve my game by attending your golf lesson?

It is guaranteed that you will play better golf if you continue to take the instructional tips with you and continue on the right path of practicing the correct swing techniques that you were taught. Improving and lowering your scores would be evident with the right amount of dedication and practice.

What makes MCGP better than other golf academies?

We have over 20 years of experience teaching people to play better golf. Our instructors are experienced, well trained, and motivated to helping you improve. We offer a wide variety of programs, and our instruction is tailored to your individual needs. When you participate in one of our schools or academies, you will leave a better player and with the knowledge to continue improving.

Do you have parking facilities?

Yes. Free Parking is available.

What is the MCGP Training?

MCGP Training is a web app and phone app (Apple and Android) that is available for our students.
At the App we gather client`s physical and technical assessments, physical and technical workouts, food diaries, before and after and many more.

How can I get the MCGP Training App?

At the moment you can get our app if you are our student and have been either in the Golf School or on one of our Golf Camps. Soon we pretend to make it available online to all golfers.

Can`t login

If you recieved our email with user and pass info you should login with those details.
If you can`t find the info please send us an email to info@mcgp.academy and we will re-send your access info.

Where do I find my workouts?

As soon as you login you can find your workout on Schedule or Programs. Besides workouts the Shedule will bring up other scheduled events like golf lessons, reminders, etc.

What is the Coaching tab/button?

The Coaching tab/button allows you to check your reports, video analysis, before and after fotos, etc.