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Welcome to Martin Cummins Golf Performance

The Martin Cummins Golf Performance (MCGP) is one of the premier golf schools in Spain with over 20 years of experience teaching both adult and junior golfers from amateurs to professionals! Currently in 3 locations, 2 in Madrid, at Club Jarama RACE (Ciudalcampo) and Green Paddock (Torrelodones), and one in Jerez – Barceló Montecastillo,

The experience and dedication of Martin Cummins and his talented staff of Instructors is unparalleled in the golf industry and have worked together through the years having developed a curriculum that gives the golfer of any skill level the best chance to improve their game.

Our Vision

The purpose behind the Martin Cummins Golf Performance is to find a balance between the time when a player’s game was determined by years of hard work, self-discovery and an unending quest for knowledge and understanding; and today’s desire for immediate gratification utilizing the latest swing methodology, state-of-the-art technology, computerized club fitting or the newest club design.

At the MCGP, we believe that your individuality is your greatest asset and your swing is your signature on the game. Come join us in our relentless search for the truth and a better way to learn the game. Learn how to play the game as only YOU can.

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What People Say About Us...

  • I want to confess that before meeting MCGP thought that I would never be able to hit a ball right and that golf is not for me at all. I got extremely excited about playing golf after the first hour we spent together and all because of your fantastic teaching methods. Thank you for showing me how amazing golf can be and for helping me learn to play, it was the highlight of my vacation.
    Bernardo Alejos
  • I want to thank you for helping me take a massive step in my golf game. For years I had been a high 80s to mid 90s golfer. No matter what I tried, it seemed that although I could hit some shots as good as anyone, my consistency was horrible, and I'd always record a couple of doubles and a triple in every round.
    Claudia Cornejo
  • Just wanted you to know what a terrific lesson the boys had with you yesterday. They went out today, determined to do what they learned from you and had some of their best results ever. Francisco shot a 76 from the white tees. His two prior rounds were both 84's. Jose Luis shot an 84 from the green tees. His two prior rounds were 95 and 96. They said they did everything you wrote down for them to do at the lesson. What a big difference! Thanks!.
    Federico Lobos