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Located at the Real Club de Golf La Herrería (Madrid), the Martin Cummins Golf Performance (MCGP) is one of the premier golf schools in Spain with over 20 years of experience teaching both adult and junior golfers from amateurs to professionals!


The experience and dedication of Martin Cummins and his talented staff of Instructors is unparalled in the golf industry and have worked together through the years having developed a curriculum that gives the golfer of any skill level the best chance to improve their game.


We work on all game areas, technical, physical and mental. Our expertise on these areas makes the difference and we are pround to say we have more than 20 years working with players of all ages and habilities, tour players, elite amateur players and many recreational golfers and children.

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Technology can make coaching less complicated, more accurate and efficient, and that is our aim. For that reason we use the coaching technology that is easy to understand, and that gives clear information. All our coaching technology accurately measure the club, body and ball to give the most accurate measurements and data, there is no guessing or estimating what is happening.

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🇪🇸Muchas cosas positivas por los alumnos de MCGP en los Puntuables Nacionales en los campos de @gnkgolfofficial, El Valle Golf y Hacienda Riquelme. Con 15 alumnos jugando conseguimos cuatro en el ‘top 10’ de su categoría. Una grande @paulaa.martinn tercera en cadete femenina, también @akos.horvath04 y @rauul_aliaga_2004 con rondas bajo del par durante el fin de semana. Muy bien chicos, a seguir trabajando!. 🇪🇸A good showing from the MCGP students playing in the nacional ranking tournament ‘Puntuable Nacional’ en the @gnkgolfofficial courses El Valle Golf and Hacienda Riquelme in Murcia. With 15 students playing we achieved 4 top ten finishes in their category. Great stuff from @paulaa.martinn third in the Girls U16 category and top tens from @akos.horvath04 and @rauul_aliaga_2004 with sub par rounds over the weekend. Well done guys, let’s keep working @ Region of Murcia

🇪🇸Domingo no es un día flojo en MCGP. La academia sigue fuerte en las manos de @alejandritoras y @juanlopezdelhierro13. 🇬🇧Sunday isn’t a lazy day at MCGP. The academy keeps going strong in the hands of @alejandritoras and @juanlopezdelhierro13 @ Real Club de Golf La Herreria

🇪🇸Personalmente no soy muy fan de swings fijos por distancias fijas cuando aprocheando. Un swing ‘de las 10 a las 2’ puede realizar distancias diferentes en situaciones diferentes. A mi me gusta más practicar las distancias con sensaciones, ‘calibrando’ las distancias antes de jugar. Un ejercicio que hacemos es practicar las distancias ‘ciego’ sin referencias visuales, con la puerta del estudio cerrado por ejemplo, pensando de la cierta cifra, se aumenta la sensación de cada distancia y es increíble como puedes mejorar tu control. Después puedes consolidar las distancias con referencias visuales, pero siempre pensando de la distancia deseada. Funciona muy bien. ¿Que haces tú? 🇬🇧Personally not a big fan of set swing lengths so set pitching distances. A ‘10-2’ swing can go different distances in different situations. For me I like to practice the distances with more feel, ‘calibrating the distances as part of tournament preparation. An exercise we use is to practice distances ‘blind’, with the doors closed on the studio for example, thinking of a certain number, this improves the sensation of each distance. Afterwards we repeat with visual references, but always thinking of the desired distance. It works very well. What do you do? @ San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid

🇪🇸MCGP Entrenador @alejandritoras avanzando la técnica de su alumno con mejor uso del suelo. 🇬🇧MCGP coach @alejandritoras improving his students technique with better use of the ground @ Real Club de Golf La Herreria

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