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Located at the Real Club de Golf La Herrería (Madrid), the Martin Cummins Golf Performance (MCGP) is one of the premier golf schools in Spain with over 20 years of experience teaching both adult and junior golfers from amateurs to professionals!


The experience and dedication of Martin Cummins and his talented staff of Instructors is unparalled in the golf industry and have worked together through the years having developed a curriculum that gives the golfer of any skill level the best chance to improve their game.


We work on all game areas, technical, physical and mental. Our expertise on these areas makes the difference and we are pround to say we have more than 20 years working with players of all ages and habilities, tour players, elite amateur players and many recreational golfers and children.

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Technology can make coaching less complicated, more accurate and efficient, and that is our aim. For that reason we use the coaching technology that is easy to understand, and that gives clear information. All our coaching technology accurately measure the club, body and ball to give the most accurate measurements and data, there is no guessing or estimating what is happening.

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🇪🇸Enhorabuena Alvaro Rogado y Alvaro jr, ganadores del Campeonato de Madrid Padres y Hijos (Alevin) cortesía de ese magnífico putt en el desempate. Mala suerte Jorge y Elenas Juanas, también alumnos de MCGP, que perdieron en el mismo desempate. 🇬🇧Congrats to Alvaro Rogado and sin, Alvaro jr, winners of the Madrid Parents and Child Championships (U12’s), courtesy of this magnificent putt in the play off. Bad luck to Jorge and Elena Juanas, also MCGP students, who lost in the same playoff @ Community of Madrid

🇪🇸Un honor y placer a renovar mi contrato con el magnífico club de golf @rcglaherreria. Un privilegio a trabajar con el gran equipo del club y servir a los socios y visitantes que vengan a jugar. 🇬🇧An honor and pleasure to renew my contract with the magnificent @rcglaherreria. A privilege to work with such a great team and serve the members and visitors that come to play @ Real Club de Golf La Herreria

🇪🇸¿Que opinas?. 🇬🇧What do you think? @ Real Club de Golf La Herreria

🇪🇸Unos resultados notables por los alumnos de MCGP en los torneos de la Federación de Madrid esta fin de semana. Enhorabuena Coque Martin por su victoria en el torneo @golfnegralejo el domingo. También @elenaa.jc for segunda posición el sábado en Somosaguas. Mucho golf competitivo esta semana así que espero que son los primeros de mucho. 🇬🇧Some nice results for the MCGP students in the Madrid Golf Federation U12’s tournaments from the weekend. Congrats to Coque Martin for his victory yesterday at @golfnegralejo. Also nice second place for @elenaa.jc at Somosaguas on Saturday. Lots of competitive golf this weekend so let’s hope they are the first of many @ Madrid, Spain

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