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Located at the Real Club de Golf La Herrería (Madrid), the Martin Cummins Golf Performance (MCGP) is one of the premier golf schools in Spain with over 20 years of experience teaching both adult and junior golfers from amateurs to professionals!


The experience and dedication of Martin Cummins and his talented staff of Instructors is unparalled in the golf industry and have worked together through the years having developed a curriculum that gives the golfer of any skill level the best chance to improve their game.


We work on all game areas, technical, physical and mental. Our expertise on these areas makes the difference and we are pround to say we have more than 20 years working with players of all ages and habilities, tour players, elite amateur players and many recreational golfers and children.

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Technology can make coaching less complicated, more accurate and efficient, and that is our aim. For that reason we use the coaching technology that is easy to understand, and that gives clear information. All our coaching technology accurately measure the club, body and ball to give the most accurate measurements and data, there is no guessing or estimating what is happening.

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🇬🇧Successful weekend at the Regional National Ranking Tournament this weekend for the MCGP students. Elena Juanas won U12’s Girls Category with Coque Martin 3rd in the Boys Category. @paulaa.martinn winner of the U14’s Girls with @martagolf.4 6th. @alvaropr_13 3rd in the Boys Category and @_nikooo.08 5th. Good job guys. 🇪🇸Fin de semana exitoso al Puntuable Zonal. Elena Juanas ganadora de Alevin femenino con Coque tercero en la categoría masculina. @paulaa.martinn ganadora de la categoría infantil femenina con @martagolf.4 en 6a posición @alvaropr_13 3a posición en la categoría infantil masculina con @_nikooo.08 5a. Buen trabajo chicos @ Layos Campo de Golf

🇬🇧Lots of players think that by adding more weight in the head of the putter will make the stroke more connected, if this isn’t done with a ‘counter weight’ in the top of the club this will lower the ‘balance point’ of the putter making the stroke less stable and potentially creating problems with stoke release patterns. If you want a more stable stroke, with more control, you should be looking to add weight to the upper shaft or under the grip. 🇪🇸Muchos jugadores piensan que con más peso en la cabeza del putter el swing estará más estable y conectado. Si lo haces sin meter un ‘counter weight’ en la última parte del putter el punto de equilibrio del putter se moverá más cerca a la cabeza del putter, el swing estará menos estable y con problemas potenciales con la suelta del putter. Si buscas un swing más estable hay que pensar de meter más peso en la última parte de la varilla o en el grip @ Martin Cummins Golf Performance

🇬🇧One of my students arrived for his lesson today with a SW that hadn’t been cleaned for while so we took a look at some data. Notice how the ball launches high (the optimal launch angle would be 30*) and the spin is really low (with a cleaned club it climbed to 7000rpm). If you want those lovely low, spinny wedges the first thing you must do is ensure your club face and grooves are clean. 🇪🇸Uno de mis alumnos ha llegado por su clase hoy con su SW súper sucio. Nota que la bola se lanza muy alta (ángulo de lanzamiento óptimo sería 30*) y con muy poco efecto ( con el palo limpiado el efecto subió a 7000rpm). Si quieres los pitches bajos con mucho efecto la primera cosa que tienes que asegura es que la cara y las estrías están limpias

🇪🇸Productivo fin de semana por los alumnos juniors de MCGP. Victoria por Sergio Jiménez en el Campeonato de Aragón Infantil y Alvaro Pastor en el Circuito Miguel Ángel Jiménez. También notable T38 por @paulaa.martinn en el Campeonato Abierto Femenino de Madrid. Buen trabajo chicos! 🇬🇧Productive weekend for the junior students of MCGP. Victory for Sergio Jimenez in the Aragon U14’s Championship and Alvaro Pastor in the Circuito Miguel Ángel Jiménez. Also a notable T38 for @paulaa.martinn in the Madrid Women’s Open Championship. Good job guys

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