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Located at the Real Club de Golf La Herrería (Madrid), the Martin Cummins Golf Performance (MCGP) is one of the premier golf schools in Spain with over 20 years of experience teaching both adult and junior golfers from amateurs to professionals!


The experience and dedication of Martin Cummins and his talented staff of Instructors is unparalled in the golf industry and have worked together through the years having developed a curriculum that gives the golfer of any skill level the best chance to improve their game.


We work on all game areas, technical, physical and mental. Our expertise on these areas makes the difference and we are pround to say we have more than 20 years working with players of all ages and habilities, tour players, elite amateur players and many recreational golfers and children.

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Technology can make coaching less complicated, more accurate and efficient, and that is our aim. For that reason we use the coaching technology that is easy to understand, and that gives clear information. All our coaching technology accurately measure the club, body and ball to give the most accurate measurements and data, there is no guessing or estimating what is happening.

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🇬🇧It’s always nice to see hard work pay off. After the MCGP New Year Training Camp @pablo_albacete, from Murcia, has been ‘on fire’. Some great results and handicap down to 1.9. Keep it up Pablo. 🇪🇸Siempre bien cuando trabajo está premiado. Después del MCGP Campamento Año Nuevo murciano @pablo_albacete ha estado ‘on fire’. Unos resultados notables y handicap nuevo de 1.9. Así seguir así Pablo @ Sheraton Hacienda del Álamo Golf & Spa Resort

🇬🇧Working on pitching launch angles by changing club release patterns. The net is placed where a 30* launch angle passes through it, this is the launch angle of a well struck pitch. With less release the ball launches lower and passes below and a stronger release, higher and above the net. Here Alvaro demonstrates it perfectly. 🇪🇸Trabajando del ángulo de lanzamiento de la bola de pitches con sueltas del palo distintas. La red está colocada donde un ángulo de lanzamiento de 40*pasa por la red, ese es el ángulo de lanzamiento de un pitch tocado bien. Con menos suelta la bola sale más baja y pasa por abajo de la red, con una suelta más fuerte más alta y por arriba. Aquí salvaré te realiza los tres vuelos perfectamente @ Real Club de Golf La Herreria

🇬🇧Working with 3D we notice so many people who don’t rotate forward enough or with speed. The upper body stops, the hands release, normally the ball goes left and the player believes it for an ‘over the top’ movement. The @wearegravityfit is the first training aid we’ve used which gives the player the ‘feel’ of a well sequenced downswing. 🇪🇸Trabajando con el 3D hemos notado que muchos jugadores no se desgiran suficiente, tampoco con velocidad. El torso se frena, las manos sueltan, la bola sale a la izquierda y el jugador cree que es por un movimiento de ‘over the top’. El @wearegravityfit es la primera guía de entrenamiento que hemos usado que da al jugador la sensación de una bajada sincronizada correctamente. ¡Ven a probarlo @ Madrid, Spain

🇬🇧Great job @yaiza_vijande!. In a little more than one month she has made these advancements in her swing, lots of hard work and discipline following her ‘50 Ball Session’. @ Martin Cummins Golf Performance

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